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Magic of Mumbai Sex Life: A View of an Escort

The Magic of Mumbai Sex life can make any man crazy enough to visit this city at least once. The most famous Indian film industry is rooted here. A lot of serials, ads, and magazine photos are shot here all the time. A lot of agencies are here to do this type of activity. While Mumbai is a top place for the glamour industry, numerous beautiful and hot girls always target Mumbai as their working place. Most of them live alone or with some male or female roommates. This city gives a new height to some girls, but many others just get drawn into a lake of tears (I feel sympathy for those youngsters).

Some of them who are daring and are ready to do anything to survive often opt for the profession of being an escort in Mumbai. Some people take it as bad work, but in my opinion, in a traditional country like India, it is like social work. A lot of people are living alone without a partner. Most of them are over-aged and do not have social permission to choose a new life partner after losing their current partner, both for mental satisfaction.

“Mumbai escorts play a role as a real-life partner for those who are absolutely alone and need a sex partner desperately, as she is the only one with whom they can also share their internal feelings.“

Why am I proud to be an escort in Mumbai?

Many new guys also come here for jobs and travel; everyone does not have a sex partner with them. When they are alone, they feel very disgraceful and need a girl who can share chat and bed. Also, many local guys need girls for sex in Mumbai. When they do not have anyone to help them out, they can get worried or aggressive. If worried, then okay, but if one gets aggressive, he can do anything. This aggressiveness comes out as misbehaving towards normal-living girls. I calm down the body and mind of those men who desperately need girls for sex in Mumbai and am proud of what I am: an escort in Mumbai.

Escorting is a profession not only for sex but also to make a man mentally calm. Hot girls do it well, so only sexy girls are suitable for this profession. If you are roaming at night, you can see a lot of call girls offering sex in Mumbai. Some will meet you on the roadside, some in autos and in cars as well. You may choose any to go with, but remember to use protection while unsafe sex may lead you to savor life hazards. If you want to take your hot girl to your own place, remember that you are in a high-class place. There are a lot of people who have become port stars without knowing it.

Sex is not offered here; I give my time only

Having sex is not illegal in India, but paying money for it may be illegal. An independent girl may choose to be paid if she is in need. Please do not go to any cheap agency that offers sex. Escorts are meant for companionship only. They are paid only for the time they spend with you, not actually for sex. They can roam and guide you to the city's best places, pubs, and bars. Dance bars are now closed here, so you cannot see the girls dancing in a bar. Still, here is a lot to see, like Juhu Beach, Nariman Point, Gate Way of India, Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Hazi Ali, etc. Once you come to Mumbai, you will certainly enjoy this.

I can also go out of Mumbai as a secretary, girlfriend, guide, or wife with you if I want.